About ADi Access

Our team and philosophy

ADi Access is situated in Cornwall and was formed in 2014 to research and develop life changing technology specifically for those who suffer from all degrees of blindness.


The goal of the business is to develop and manufacture products that enable blind and visually impaired people across the globe to live their lives with dignity and independence. We are doing this by bringing together as many specialists in their field to the table as possible, web design and development, accounting, PR consultant, copywriter and legal, all of whom are based in the Duchy. This is an extremely important element for the long term development of the business.


The creation of a specialist Research and Development social enterprise is a big part of the company's future plans; having gone through the start-up process and overcome many obstacles we want to be able to offer a platform for anyone with an idea that might help someone, regardless of their disability, to be researched.

If you have an idea, no matter how far fetched it may seem, we would like to hear from you.


We would like to express our thanks to Melissa Reid who has kindly agreed to be our Patron.

Meet the team

Helen Kemp - Managing Director

With over 15 years experience working with the visually impaired, alongside the fact that my partner, Steve Holyer, is registered blind, I have considerable knowledge of the serious impact that sight impairment has on a persons autonomy.

My career as a mobility and orientation specialist, teaching both blind children and adults how to navigate their environments safely, has highlighted the issues that I intend to address through the company.

What am I hoping to achieve? To make life easier for people who suffer with severe visual impairment by designing products that enhance independence and dignity by reducing the stresses of moving around in unfamiliar environments.  

Spencer Hassell - Operations Director

At 46 I’ve started, run and sold my fair share of companies over the last 20 years in a variety of sectors; including a  Financial Consultancy, Holiday Marketing and Sales, a travel agency to our last adventure, a village pub.

I think ‘adventure’ sums it up for me and it is this thinking that I have strived to pass on over the last 6 years in my role as a Start-up Business advisor with Outset Cornwall.

Working on the ADi project has really opened my eyes to the issues faced by those with life changing injuries and disabilities and I think ADi Access is perfectly placed to develop a number of solutions to considerably improve peoples everyday lives.        

Steve Holyer - Director of Research

I was a BT satellite communications engineer for almost 20 years until forced to retire early with failing eyesight that has continued to deteriorate to the point were I can now only see light and dark.

This has meant adapting to my new environment and using other senses to replace the loss of sight.

While there have been significant advances in speech technology, in particular with mobile phones, there are still very few audio options available for blind and visually impaired people.

Freedom and dignity are a basic assumption when you can see which is why I feel so passionate about the opportunities that the RoomMate will give me, and others like me.

My vision for the future is for ADi to expand and provide further products to address the difficulties that I experience every day as a blind person

Mike Hayes - Web Developer.

After a number of years as an aerospace engineer with a blue chip corporation, being responsible for a number of advanced avionic and flight simulation systems, I decided it was time to take all those years of experience and build a business of my own.

I gain a terrific amount of satisfaction from being a developer able to make all those years experience available to businesses and to be able to say "yes, I can do that for you"

Find out more about me at MikesImagination.net

Babalu Films - Chris Wasey - Wizard Videographer

We have extensive experience with start-up businesses and bring high production values, experience and a proactive attitude to supporting our clients and their key messages.

Audiences want to know the people and stories behind the products and we help our clients convey their passion.

As a sighted person working with visual medium, we had never considered the challenges faced by those with a visual impairment.

As the project has evolved, we truly believe the ADI RoomMate will drastically benefit so many people and we are proud to be part of it.  

See more of my work at BabaluFilms

Sellectronics - Manufacturing & Logistics

Since 2008 Sellectronics have proudly offered one of the best electronics manufacturing services in the UK.

From aircraft projects to medical products and beyond, Sellectronics has been delivering customer satisfaction on every level.

As well as the electronics hardware design, we also have the knowledge and facilities to design the software to our customers specific requirements.

To see how we can help you have a look at Sellectronics-Falmouth

Hoby Allen - Cabin Fever Audio Productions - Sound wizard

Cabin Fever Audio Productions was started in 2012 by musician and sound engineer Hoby Allen.

Originally started to provide affordable support services for the music industry in Cornwall over the last three years we have expanded and added a number of additional services for individuals and businesses who need professional recordings and sound work.

We are delighted to be working with ADi as their desire to produce the best possible experience for the listener is precisely what drives our company.  

To see whether we could help you click here

Design Room Cornwall - Emma Gordon and Sally Mitchell

Two professional, dedicated and approachable creatives who love working on bespoke design projects, for you, your business and sometimes just for fun.

We don't pretend to be the best at everything. We are pretty great (and modest) and like to do most things ourselves in the studio.

We are, however, very fortunate to know a super talented bunch with whom we work on larger projects and on the stuff that they do best, making sure you get the best skills to make your project a success.

Click here to see more of our projects

Simone Steele - Unleashed Photography

I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer primarily working with business start ups. In my experience people generally don’t like having their photograph taken so I make it my mission not only to give them high quality pictures they are pleased with, but also to make the experience as enjoyable for them as it is for me. 

My style is close up, vibrant and natural. 

"I am delighted to be working with ADi Access Ltd and I can see the Roommate soon becoming a standard fitting like the hand rail."

You can see examples of my work on my website www.unleashedphotography.co.uk