Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the RoomMate that we have had to-date.

If you have anymore, however, please ask away.


Q: Can I include everything in my toilet in the audio description?

A: Trusting the audio description is an essential requirement for every user so only those items that are permanently fixed in the room can be added. The only exception to this rule would be any hygiene disposal units which are typically located next to the toilet anyway.


Q: Can we record our own audio and does the audio only come in English?

A: There are strict guidelines when recording audio so all audio generated is produced under controlled conditions by the company, see the question above for reasons why, and each script remains the copy-write of ADi Access to ensure the accuracy and quality of the output.

Default audio is English but if you require a different national language for your RoomMate we are happy to work with you to make this happen.

For more information on the guidelines we adhere to go to http://www.adiaccess.co.uk/terms-conditions


Q: How is the audio triggered?

A: Sensors in the unit 'see' a person entering the room and a description is offered. If the person requires the audio they are directed to move their hand in front of the unit and the sensors will react. We felt that using a contactless method would ensure a more hygienic interaction especially in buildings where hygiene is a high priority.


Q: What are the pings at the beginning for and do we have to have them?

A: The welcoming announcement is immediately followed by 2 sonic pings (much like our perception of a sonar sound) as these aid the user to correctly identify where the unit is if the facility is in a loud environment much like a public house, train station, airport, stadium, shopping centre. If, however, the unit is to be sited in a quieter area, doctors surgery, hospital, hotel, department store, office building where the unit is easier to hear then the pings may not be needed. Either choice can be made at the ordering stage. 


Q: Do I really have to fit a RoomMate?

A:  The RoomMate has been designated as an ‘auxiliary aid’ just like hearing loops and according to the Equalities Act 2010 this means that you should have one fitted.

This might seem draconian but look at it from this perspective, the ‘purple pound’ contributes over £12.4bn to the economy every year so having a RoomMate makes your facility far more attractive to visit than one with no provision for a blind user.

So we think the question should really be, ‘Why wouldn’t I want a RoomMate?’


Q: Why is there a door sign?

A: For a number of reasons actually: If, for example, a couple do not have access to the Finder application, either on this site or through the smartphone app, the sign gives them a visual clue that the premises or facility has a RoomMate installed in their accessible toilet; similarly, from a commercial point of view, the appearance of the sign itself will generate speculation amongst those who see it and promote the unit as well as the premises that it is fitted in. 


Q: What happens if we want to renovate or redecorate our toilet?

A: If, for whatever reason, you wish to change the audio description all you need to do is follow the standard order process and we will be happy to generate a new audio list with instructions on how to upload it to your unit/s.


Q: How is the RoomMate powered?

A: The RoomMate is mains powered through an onboard 12v transformer.


Q: If the site is busy, like a pub, restaurant or station can the volume be adjusted?

A: The RoomMate is designed to operate in a variety of circumstances where extremes of noise may be an issue. The volume is not adjustable onsite but the software allows us to raise or lower the software from the factory.


Q: Does the audio only come in English?

A: Default audio is English but if you require a different national language for your RoomMate we are happy to work with you to make this happen.


Q: How quickly can we expect delivery?

A:   We will usually have a stock if you are in a hurry but we recommend you plan & expect a delivery time within 8 weeks. Once we receive your order the audio is loaded into the unit which is then fully tested in the factory. Once the unit is passed then we will despatch to you. Unless there are any special requirements, for instance a new language recording or new phrases. 


Q: What happens if my RoomMate fails?

A: Instructions for regular cleaning and maintenance can be downloaded from our site and under normal operating conditions we would not expect the unit to fail, however, these things do happen so we are happy to offer a like for like replacement service within the warranty period of 3 years.


Q: Can the RoomMate be turned off?

A: There is no function for turning the unit on or off by the user as the RoomMate has been designed to monitor it's location continuously. If the unit needs to be moved then this can simply be done by your electrician.


Q: We are planning our building layout that includes an accessible toilet. Does ADi offer a consultation service?

A: Practically every accessible toilet on the planet is unique but all of them share a common mistake in that they cannot cover every eventuality. ADi is keen to help maximise your accessible toilet and we would be delighted to help.


Q: Why hasn't this been done before?

A: We've asked ourselves this question a number of times and we don't have a definitive answer. The RoomMate was born through a combination of necessity and timing, as are many new products, and with the idea being such a simple one it's probably just a case of “it was bound to come along at some point”. 

Q: What happens if my toilet is used for baby changing as well?


A:  The RoomMate is designed to explain where everything fixed within the room is located regardless of its use. If someone intending to use the room doesn’t require audio then they simply don’t activate the unit.

      Regardless of what you might have in your toilet we can include a phrase for you. If we don’t have a phrase ( and we can’t possibly have them all ) we can easily record a new one and add it to the order process.


If you have any further questions or would like a demonstration please do not hesitate in contacting us @ www.adiaccess.co.uk


Or call us on 0330 0881 805